Go Green New Year Resolutions

Go Green: New Year Resolutions

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The New Year has arrived and if you think about your environment and the planet Earth, there will be some resolutions for you to take for your planet. It is the smartest thing to ‘Go Green’ and believe me, it will be much easier than many complicated things you do in your routine.

Go Green: New Year ResolutionsYou can begin doing several things this year to fulfill Go Green resolution:

  • Begin recycling small things at home and make it a habit for you and the family members
  • Spread greenery around you: home, workplace, living area and wherever possible. You can protect your plants from rain, snow and predators.
  • Donate extra or unnecessary clothes to some charity. Excessive clothes can lead towards accumulation of dump stock and throwing it can cause mess around you.
  • If possible, begin compost bin at the house.
  • Energy conservation is required and it can be calculated from your previous bills. If your last bills are more than the present ones, you will be a winner.
  • Use canvas or paper bags and avoid plastic bags as they cause pollution.
  • Join a clean-up crew or organization to get involved in community servicing.
  • Pool car, use your foot, bike, public transport and save money and fuel.

Whether you can do one or all of these entities, you can get better than last year. Your green resolution will have positive effect on your family, neighborhood and society. Green resolution will make you feel great from inside and you will be able to practically implement your way of helping society in the best way.

The resolution lies in doing the things good for your personal means and getting ahead with best of your knowledge to avoid wastage of resources. Do something which can be impactful for the society.