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Have you ever wondered if we are contributing to our own dis-ease or if somehow we can prevent it?

I had these same questions during my husbands second battle with Cancer. He had been in remission for almost 5 years when his environmental cancer, non Hodgkins Lymphoma, made it’s wicked return.

As he struggled through another 2 1/2 years of 'salvage' chemo, I was trying to run my business and make sense of everything that had just happened. Our doctor had even questioned why his cancer returned —and that started me thinking.

Are we somehow, unknowingly contributing to the demise of our health by the types of food we put in our bodies —and also by what we put ON our bodies?

After reading ‘Not Just a Pretty Face’ by Stacy Malkan, it all started to all make sense to me.

We absorb through our skin. We slather on products that contain chemicals, carcinogens and toxins without even thinking about it. We trust that what’s on the shelves are safe. At least for me, I know I never really thought about any of that, buying whatever was the 'next big beauty thing' —until then.

Could I be more pro-active?

I was a Salon owner. I had retail shelves lined with professional products that I now knew were nothing but a chemical soup in pretty little bottles. I was allowing my staff to use them —and I was selling them to my customers.

I needed to change this!

I began my journey of researching, experimenting and product testing on my own hair looking for cleaner, less toxic, healthier hair products that actually performed like a Redken, Aveda, or Pureology but made with organic and natural ingredients —and absolutely no chemicals.

I had high standards.

A shampoo needed to nourish and protect the hair, not strip the natural oils, dry it out and leave it a tangled mess. A conditioner needed to smooth and detangle without silicones and propylene glycol. It couldn’t weigh down the hair and it MUST protect color. If I didn’t feel a product was worthy of using on my own hair, how could I expect my staff and customers to use it? Even if it was organic + toxin free!

From co-ops to natural food stores to infomercials —I came up empty handed, frustrated and terribly tired of bad hair days. 8 months of searching for products to use and offer my customers, only led me to what I did NOT want, which looking back was very good thing, because I then knew what I DID want.

I wanted to create my own line of organic + toxin free products that delivered 'salon quality' results that consumers can use everyday. Where they know they aren’t contributing to their toxic body burden, but encouraging their wellness. Products that were nourishing, beneficial, regenerating and created with love. Products that were safe for babies, moms and dads —and truly safe for the environment.

And that is how Greenbody Greenplanet was born.

It’s been an amazing journey so far, one of self-discovery, challenges and joy. My husband was given 6 months to live in the fall of 2009 and made a decision that he did NOT want that —what he wanted was to live. He defied their odds and went into remission, where he still is today.

Being pro-active about heath, beauty and wellness has become a way of life for me now and I am hoping you will join me on the journey!

—with ecoBEAUTY + toxinFREE love,

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